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My 24 Hour Ride for Telethon

So I rode on a Spin bike for 24 hours to raise money for Telethon. I feel kind of bad because although it's a great cause I enjoyed it. We did raise a load os money though and it was certainly a character building experience.

I thought it might be helpful for anyone considering the ride next year to know how I got through it.


- Hypnotherapy audio program 3-5 times a week for a month to keep my mind where it needed to fearless, strong, success mode.

- Personal Training sessions 1-2 times a week to keep me strong mentally and physically.

- Slow long rides 3-4 times a week to toughen my butt (not for fitness). My longest ride was 6 hours. My most regular ride times were 2-3 hours

- My eating was very relaxed...I ate healthily most of the time but didn't limit anything so I didn't lose any weight.

- I planned to bank sleep before the ride however I have a 2 year old and had a busy work day.

- I had swollen glands and not much of a voice on the day so I wasn't in the best shape to start with.


I was keeping my mind out of my body as much as possible. So keeping my mind on other things, like chatting to lots of people and enjoying the music which set my riding pace.


- I only ate gluten free, dairy free, whole foods (as usual),and sugar free easily, digestible foods.

- I loaded up on low carb sugar free Endura hydration powder, 1 ginseng read with lemon & honey & water only.

- I also took magnesium powder and BCAA's in weeks leading up to and during the ride.

- Using the beat of the music really helped me keep in a rhythm.

- At tough times I focused on why I’m here never doubting that I wouldn’t finish. I was prepared to die on that bike!

- I used numbing cream on my butt after about 12 hours.

- I iced my body the whole time to reduce inflammation & keep my body temperature down.

_ I tried to limit looking at clocks at times 30 seconds felt like forever.


- A champagne which was forced on me and meant I was immediately drunk!

- Lots more water and hydration for the next 48 hours.

- Soaked my legs in the pool.

- Pizza! Then I promptly fell asleep at 8:30pm and had the best sleep of my life.

- Anti inflammatories for 2 days

- Had 4 days total rest.

- Slept more the following day.

- BCAA’s and Magnesium twice a day for 5 days.

Due to doing what I know works for my body (not what everyone else does) I wasn’t sore or fatigued physically. My butt had skin off and my legs where red and hot for a day or two, however I was back on a bike by the end of the week and doing F45 circuit classes the following week.

I look forward to next year and hopefully will have a few more ladies by my side!!



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