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You Get Out What You Put In

'The meaning behind your communication is the response you

will get'.

Think about it.

If we go into a conversation with a negative attitude we'll almost always receive negativity back, which creates more negativity from us and so the cycle continues and usually the and result is guessed it, negative...or not what we want.

So if what we're doing isn't working maybe it's time to do something differently.

The person with the most flexibility within a system controls the system. Just have a think about that for a second....flexibility...

If we become more flexible, and begin a usually negative conversation with positivity, the chances of a positive outcome are much more likely. The

person with the most flexibility wins every time. However to be flexible we must let go of our ego, or our need to be right and focus on the outcome we want.

When we have a conversation with someone we might assume we're responsible for 50% of that conversation. However we can be responsible for a much higher percentage of the communication ....and the outcome using these principles.

When someone behaves in a certain way a chain reaction is set up within us causing us to respond a particular way, which creates a chain reaction within the other person.... causing them to act a certain way and so the cycle continues.

John Grinder and Richard Bandler discovered that master communicators have 3 sets of capabilities:

1. They know what they want.

2. They notice the responses they get.

3. They are flexible enough to modify their behavior until they reach the outcome they want.

The reason people who are exposed to the same external stimuli react and remember an experience differently is because we all delete, distort and generalise differently, based on our own beliefs, values, attitudes, memories, decisions and meta programs.

Think about it!


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