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It's safe and effective.

We see great results in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, treating addiction, weight management and performance enhancement for individuals and corporations .


Turn your negative mind chatter into positive actions with our 'Mindpower Training' programs, delivered to more than 25,000 people globally over the last 30 years. We are the only trained practitioners within Australia.

All programs are tried and clinically proven and based on the science of Psycho-cybernetics and Hypnotherapy.

If your life is affected by any of the following issues, our programs can help you:


Mindpower Retreat

Mindpower Retreat

Proven, Powerful and FAST!

  • 2 x 3 hour live online workshops

  • E -Study Guide

  • 4 x Take Away Hypnotherapy Programs

  • Weekly Mentoring Calls for 4 weeks

What is Psycho-Cybernetics? Learn More!

Lighten Up

Lighten Up

Fast & Effective Weight Management

  • No gyms or fad diets necessary!

  • E - Study Guide

  • Take Away Hypnotherapy Program

  • Weekly Mentoring Calls for 4 weeks.

What is Psycho-Cybernetics? Learn More!

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