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Just a few of the people across the globe loving a better life!

Louisa Fenney


Desert Vet, Holistic Veterinarian

Thanks to Maddy, my career in finance and hence my financial stability is secured and I love my job like never before and I’m achieving my targets with ease and enjoyment that previously I thought to be impossible.
My charity organisation is taking leaps and bounds that I had initially thought would take several years – not months – to reach.
I have a beautiful relationship that is fulfilling all of the intentions I created after 3 years of being single and becoming resigned and cynical that I would never find “him”.
I cannot thank Maddy enough for creating the life I want and recommend her implicitly.

Andrew Embley


Former West Coast Eagles Vice Captain, Business Development Manager

Over the past 10 weeks I've learnt the power of the mind, the importance of goal setting and being accountable and I have achieved all of the goals I set with Maddy. I feel more focused, patient and much more motivated. I see such value in the positive state of mind I've created and feel like I'm in a much better place in all aspects of my life.

Anthony Tsokos


Real Estate Company Director

The best part of Maddy’s program is her understanding of exercise in conjunction with life coaching, mindfulness and meditation which combines to achieve life balance and better mental health. This is definitely the part that I value the most as it has provided me with a new way of thinking and tools to deal with life’s challenges and maintain positivity and happiness that I have not known previously.

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