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We might as well be doing Meth

As I sat at my Naturopaths while ago waiting room (anticipating another session of ground breaking info and revelations about my health), I whizzed through a fact sheet on chemicals in our cosmetics and was speechless.

I realised that the symptoms of using cosmetics (makeup, oral, skin and hair care) are similar to hard drugs! What the &#%K are we doing????

These included: anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, hyperactivity, irritability, dry hair, dry skin ulcers, low sperm count, headaches, dizziness, memory impairment, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, coughing, digestive issues, joint pain, many types of CANCER.

Then there’s stuff we see but don’t know what causes it like eczema, hives, dermatitis, skin and eye irritation, allergic rashes.

Plus what we don’t see until it’s too late like kidney damage, liver abnormalities, lung problems, immuno-toxicity, ADHD, hormonal disruptions and CANCERS.

And don't even get me started on household cleaners and gardening chemicals:(((((

WTF are we doing to ourselves?

Every day we dose ourselves and our children with toxic chemicals…the strangest thing is I when I start discussions with people about them they don’t want to know, it seems too uncomfortable and easier to plead ignorance.

I know it’s tough to know where to start to eradicate all of this stuff from our lives…I've done it. However it can be easy, I’m as lazy as the next person, here’s where I started after suffering with an autoimmune disease for 15 years and then being bedridden for 6 months….


  • The key is the less ingredients the better and google anything that has a name you don’t understand!!

CLEANERS - Vinegar and water and Bicarb Soda will clean everything! Glass, bathrooms, floors you name it. Or try Enjo, or even environmentally conscious low chemical brands from health food stores.

HAIR PRODUCTS – These are one of the worst, and SLS is usually a main ingredient and directly linked to breast cancer and loads of other cancers! There are many natural hair shampoos, conditioners and products around just find the one that’s right for your hair. I use a natural oil for styling. Aveda hair salon colours are plant based, so have less chemicals than others or Health Food shops have more colouring options too.

SKIN PRODUCTS – Again there are loads of plant based chemical free options out there, even pharmacies have them these days. Just don't fall fro 'natural' check the label! There;s also no such thing as organic skin care, as there is no governing body who checks.

MAKEUP- I use Inica however there are loads of mineral based and chemical free options these days. Just try out some testers.

CHEMICAL FREE FOOD – This is a big one, most of us and our kiddies digest pesticides and on our fruit and veg every day. Plus most things from the big suppliers can be up to a year old so are treated with chemicals to keep them looking good, but they have no nutritional content.

There’s 2 main issueS:

1. PESTICIDES are on all fruit and veg.

Unless you eat certified organic or biodynamic food. But it’s expensive right? So what’s your health worth? You pay more now or later when you’re in pain, sick and destitute.

Try online options. I do a combo:

- Online, delivered which is expensive as times but convenient.

- Woolies have have an organic section.

- Coles have a tiny section.

- Local farmers markets have some organic foods and the rest will be fresher than big chains. and supermarkets. Remember the food might be fresh, but it’s still covered in pesticides so wash everything thoroughly.

2. HEAVY METALS from canned foods, old pipes, coated pots and pans and more. Get rid of cans, jars are best.

Slowly phase out your old pots and pans and go to stainless steel or the versions that health food shops sell. Once you know the brand try online you usually always get a better deal.

I hope you can find a happy, pain free and healthy life with this info! For questions a fact sheet or more tips feel free to email me at

Maddy x

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