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Summer is coming ruuuun!! It's been long cold winter and that extra layer came in handy...however beach weather is just around the corner so here's an Emergency Action Plan to get you lean and ready to frolic on the beach.

  • LOW ACTIVITY = LOW CARB : If you know you aren’t exercising today make sure you keep your carb intake super low. Avoid rice, pasta, bread, cereal, crackers, sugary foods and alcohol. Stick with protein and vegetables.

  • SUGAR FREE TREATS: There are loads of sugar free options that don’t contain artificial sweeteners. Try foods sweetened with Stevia - it’s organic and has 0.2 calories per teaspoon, compared to sugar which has 16 and Agave which has 26. Email me for my Cheat the Sweets Sheet.

  • TRICK YOURSELF: Any way you can! Know your triggers and danger times (mid morning, mid afternoon and hangovers,) and prepare with fast, healthy, tasty options.

  • PREVENT HANGOVERS: By not mixing the colours of drinks! If you start on white wine, stay on white to vodka. Of if you start on dark spirits, stay on dark spirits. Prepare for the day after your night out by having healthy tasty snacks on hand. Stock up on coconut water (it has 5 electrolytes so it’s more hydrating that water), fresh vegetable juices with lemon juice are great for detoxing too.

For more info on health, nutrition and exercise email

Good luck!

Maddy x


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