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The Power of Focus

Life is energetic and it responds what we focus on, the good and the bad. What we focus on directs where our energy flows and therefore the actions that follow.

That includes what we think, how we act, the goals we set ourselves, the stories we tell ourselves and what we choose to believe.

Holistic health means working with all parts of your self and bringing them into harmony because the healthiest of health regimes can be undermined by self defeating thoughts and feelings.

To achieve a goal you desire whether it is to have more energy, or money, a new relationship, to lose weight, heal a health condition…or whatever it is that you desire.

Step 1. Set a clear and concise goal with as much detail as possible.

Step 2. Animate it with focused intention daily.

How to Animate Your Goals

Our sleeping hours are very powerful for healing and rejuvenation. As you go to sleep each night imagine the end result of the goal you have set as if it is already your reality.

See it, feel it, imagine what it would be like and persist every night.

As you drift off the sleep focus on only what you want (not what you don’t want).

During the day as you go about living and thinking, imagine your goal as if it's already been achieved regardless of current conditions.

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

What are people saying to you?

See yourself being congratulated and discussing your past journey to get there.

Feel the celebration inside you.

To achieve anything focus your mind always on the end result.

All things that have ever been created began as an intangible idea shaped by the imagination and persistence until they manifested as real in the outer world.

Don’t be distracted from what you want to achieve.

Focusing on feeling it will give you, is the key.

Focus your mind and your body will follow.


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