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If you look around at the people who have great lives and the things you’d like to have, they all share one thing in common; they are super positive. They are positive about themselves and the things they can achieve, and so in turn they achieve what they desire.

Learning how to create the habit of positivity can be challenging, however the benefits are awesome!

1. LET GO OF NEGATIVITY: Negative feelings are a habit and they are addictive. Once our brain is familiar with negative thinking, it becomes the default mechanism. The more we repeat a habit, the more engrained it becomes. Consciously create a habit of positive thought, by flipping each negative thought into a positive one every time you have one.

2. CONSUME POSITIVE MEDIA: There are many forms of media that contain positive messages. Be mindful of the entertainment you continually expose yourself to and find entertainment where you walk away feeling inspired and motivated. 

3. POSITIVE PEOPLE ONLY: We all know people who always take a negative spin on things. Look at their quality of life… it is an indication of how negative thinking effects lifestyle. It’s counterproductive. That type of energy effects your life, so weigh up the pros and cons of spending time with negative people. 

4. ASSESS YOUR HABITS: Good and bad daily habits create our life and who we are. Analyse your habits (behaviours that you repeat), both big and small. Decide if there are some undesirables you’d rather leave behind and replace them with new, positive and productive habits that will serve you well.

5. SET GOALS: When did you last think about what you really want from your life? Set positive and exciting goals so you can infuse your life with positive activities to lead you closer to them.

Now get out there and do it. :):) x

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