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The Oxygen Mask Theory

Do you ever think about the person you’d like to be? Calmer, patient, more productive, more loving, happier, willing to take that ‘time for yourself’ that you’ve been promising to do forever.

We’re parents, sons, daughters, friends, employees, business owners and much more. We often get so caught up in those roles that we forget about the person inside us. We don’t make the time or have the courage to do the things that really feed our soul. We might not even know what these things are.

We all have inner aspirations, but we’re so busy helping everyone else that we never help ourselves.

We create such busy lives that we get little time to breathe or acknowledge uncomfortable feelings that may be surfacing. We rush through the days not feeling or recognising warning signs telling us to slow down and smell the roses.

Sound familiar?

Selflessness can be admired, it can also be an excuse to prevent us truly getting to know and looking after ourselves. We’re too afraid to take that leap and pursue our inner hopes and dreams. You might have used the below phrases in your head in the past and these could have prevented you focusing on yourself.

“Children have to come first…” “ There’s a work deadline to meet…” “My parents needed me…” “I’ll do it when I’ve done XXXXX”

These are based on our need to satisfy others, in hope that when our children, parents, bosses, and colleagues are content we’ll feel better too. We’ve been conditioned to think that if we focus on ourselves, then we can’t also provide for our families, or be good friends or employees.

How can we do these things well if we aren’t happy and whole ourselves? We end up forgetting what makes us happy and balanced in the process. We can ensure the care and happiness of the people closest to us, but we must include ourselves.

The Oxygen Mask Theory Like the safety instructions you hear when traveling by air, the Oxygen Mask Theory is imperative for your mental and physical health and happiness.

When the oxygen masks are released, we’re taught to secure our own mask before assisting others. What good are we to anyone if we’re not coping or reaching our goals and desires.

If we tend to our vital needs first, then we have the energy to assist our loved ones.

Taking time for ourselves ensures that we have good health, fulfilled desires, and peace of mind. If we don’t grow, what hope do our children have to look to us for strength and courage? How will they believe they can reach their goals if their parents didn’t achieve any of theirs? What can you do each day to assure your oxygen stores are full?

5 Tips to Keep Your Oxygen Mask On:

  1. When you wake up take time for yourself, it might be 5 minutes or 1 hour. Maybe exercise, meditate, read something positive or sit still and have a cup of tea of coffee before you start your day. Ensure that you’re feeling positive and energised.

  2. Plan your day, making sure you have enough ‘in between’ time so that you are not running and stressing out all day. Give and receive compliments. This keeps you and those around you in a positive state of gratitude.

  3. Spend some time doing something you love. Exercise, read, make a special meal, do yoga, go for a walk, this feeds your soul and refreshes your energy stores.

  4. Focus on your goals, read them and say them in your head whenever you’re doing a menial task like hanging washing or driving. You’ll be focused on what you want and you’ll take actions to create success.

For more information on how to keep your oxygen mask in place go to our website and search for our workshops and events.

Remember save yourself, then you can save the rest of the world.

Maddy at BBetter Coaching x

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