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Reset Your Mindset


We all spiral out of control at times and it can seem like we’ve reached the point of no return.

However if we realise that roller coaster rides are the natural ebb and flow of life, it seems a little easier.

We have to experience the dark to appreciate the light and tough times usually transpire before major breakthroughs.

The roller coaster usually begins slowly with the balance in one area tipping gradually.

Our health, fitness, relationships, work life, finances or emotions might not be where we’d like them, which is completely natural.

However if we allow that imbalance to progress and continue for long periods it has a domino effect, until we are in such a whirlwind of mess and chaos, we aren’t sure how to get out of it.

The good news is that once you recognise the signs and your triggers, you can use some well tested tools.

These will prevent you hitting the bottom of the barrel with a hard thud before you bounce back up. You can also use these tools to drag yourself out of the darkness if you find yourself stuck there.


We are creatures of habit, gradual changes are natural and as humans we need these to prevent boredom and stagnation. When we’re presented with huge, fast changes in many areas, we can feel like we’ve lost control and can end up in a spin and self-sabotage every other area.

For example, you return from a trip to find out that you have to move house in 4 weeks because your flat mate is moving his girlfriend in, your business is going through a quiet phase.…so your income is two thirds of what it usually is and you haven’t been saving for a rainy day, you were saving for that trip. The guy you were seeing seems to have disappeared and you’re not on good terms with your mum so you don’t feel that you have her to confide in or be supportive.

You feel like you need an​​other holiday to get away but you can’t afford it because you’re not bringing in enough money and you have to look for a new place to live. As a result your business suffers further because you’re stressed out, unmotivated and have no confidence.

You now feel like a failure, where do you turn?

Negative self-talk starts to overtake your mind daily.

You’re friends are supportive but you isolate yourself from them, because next to them you feel even worse about yourself.

You then start to comfort eat because that’s the only thing that makes you feel good, well you feel good at the time, then once you feel so full it hurts the guilt and self-hatred sets in.

You start to drink here and there to numb those feelings, until you drink most days and often skip the gym because you’re hung over or tired or you just can’t be bothered. You find yourself wondering what the use is anyway, it just hurts and the mirrors only magnify your steady weight gain, which perpetuates the negative self-talk and so the cycle repeats itself.

At this point ideally, you realise that you need to sort your life out somehow, well here’s the toolkit I’ve created for those times, give it a try.



Break your low energy cycle by listening to an upbeat song that you love, seeing a friend who always makes you feel good or clapping your hands 3 times to snap yourself out of a negative moment, (it might sound strange but just try it), I promise it works! I tell myself that worse things have probably happened to better people

2. DETOX your body, EMPOWER your MIND

You’ll feel clearer, lighter, brighter and empowered for taking charge of at least one part of your life, plus your eating habits will return to equilibrium. There’s many detoxes online you can try or email me for my top 3, these are healthy ones, you won’t be starving yourself but yes you will be likely to lose a few kg.

3. Try a new way of HEALING YOURSELF

Find a way to nurture and heal yourself. At this time, any form of therapy will change how you feel and therefore how you act and break the negative cycle. Try acupuncture, meditation, see a councillor, sound therapy, massage or see a naturopath. The options are endless and they’re all better than continually punishing yourself….think about how that’s been working for you so far.


Brain storm ideas for change and make a list, in order of priority. As you would in work situation. This is your ‘ACTION LIST’. These empowering words will help you take ‘action’.

Identify what needs to be done to solve your problems in a rational way.

Eg: Earn more money – get a part time job, sell some clothes or furniture, charge more for my services, ask for a pay increase. Think outside the box. Remember though, the list is useless without action!


Listen to what your body is telling you. An aching jaw, shoulders or upper back are usually stress related. How can you reduce your stress? By doing some of the things above. Additionally, a cold usually means you’re run down, so allow yourself to rest and reflect.

6. Be around GOOD PEOPLE

We continually give a receive energy, so look at the energy you are receiving from the people around you and adjust accordingly.

Your favourite friends or family love you, for better or worse and you always feel better after spending time with them. Make time to see them and you’ll feel loved, appreciated and always be in a more positive state than before.

Just try using these tools and see what happens!

Maddy at BBetter Coaching x

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