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Make Your Dreams Come True

If life had no limitations how would you live it??

We all have dreams, things we assume we’re incapable of achieving, or are we?

We’ve been conditioned since childhood to set ourselves limitations and stick to them. ‘Be realistic, know your limits’ are things you may have heard.

We’ve created life patterns – often patterns of failure and boundaries. These days science has disproven those negative beliefs and we know we can achieve whatever we want, as long as we truly believe we’re capable. We can also follow some logical steps to get there.

1. DEFINE – Ask 100 people what success means to them and you’ll get 100 different answers.

Success is defined by your individual beliefs and values. Is it monetary, career success, having a family, great relationships, making a difference, being spiritually aware or physical beauty?

What would success look and feel like. How will you know when you are successful? What will your life look like?

2. LOOK AND FEEL – It’s important to understand WHY we want these things.

Emotion drives us, we do things because of the feeling we think it will give us.

What is the ‘FEELING’ related to your achievements?

We must understand the ‘why’ or the ‘feeling’ these desires give us.

The ‘WHY’ then drives the HOW!

3. LOOK FORWARD – To have the life we dream of we need a clear understanding of what we’re striving for.

Fast forward your life 1 year. What would you like to have in your life and what would you like to be doing with your time.

Create a compelling, inspiring target to aim for, clear your mind of limitations; these don’t serve you and are not truth. It’s like archery; if you don’t have a target to aim for the arrow could end up anywhere!

Set 3 long term goals based on your vision.

4. WORK BACKWARDS – From that plan, create smaller goals which are the stepping stones to get to your long term goals.

Outline what you can do in the next 30 days to take you closer to achieving these goals. Check that your goals are scary and exciting. Make sure that they inspire you and that you feel a sense of purpose in achieving each one.

5. TAKE ACTION – Take immediate action towards your goals. The law of diminishing intent suggests that the longer you leave to take action, the less likely you are to do it!

Any action is good, so any movement towards your goal is a great step. Begin with small steps, celebrating your successes as you achieve them.

6. FOCUS – Keep your eye on the ball!

Focus on your goals every day and visualise what your life will look like and how you will ‘FEEL’ when you achieve them. Create a vision board of how your life will look and have your goals written where you will read them everyday.

7. CELEBRATE – Most importantly celebrate your small wins. In celebrating our achievements we give ourselves the message that we are deserving of more success and so we create more!

Now go for it!

Maddy at BBetter Coaching x

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