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5 Ways to Stress Less

We’re all busily working towards something these days, in such a hurry to get somewhere….wherever that is?

We’ll be happy and enjoy life, once the kids are older, once we earn more money, once we fall in love, move house, state, country, once we get our business up and running…and so on.

Stress and rushing takes over our lives until we are in such a habi​t of being so ‘busy’ that we don’t know how to relax. We’re so tightly wound that when we have some spare time we must fill it with something productive.

Stress effects our relationships, our health and our quality of life. Learn how to stop and smell the roses with

these tips.


Find 3 activities that bring you real joy. They might be listening to music, going to the movies, the beach, designing, hiking or drawing. Make a habit of doing these 1 or ideally all 3 at least once a week.



Between work ​​and life, it can be challenging to get good quality sleep, especially if you’re stressed. To maximise your chance of sleeping soundly, cut back on TV or other screen time in the evening. Don’t drink coffee late ​​in the day and try not to do stimulating activities like exercise too close to bedtime. Reading before bed relaxes the mind and prepares it to slow down into sleep mode. Even better try downloading some guided mediation.


Managing stress is easier when you let others lend a hand. Talking can offer a fresh perspective. Talking about other unrelated topics diverts your mind and helps it relax rather than obsessing about the same things continually.



Most of us know that physical activity is an effective stress buster, but hat doesn’t mean going for a run if you hate running. Find activities you enjoy and build them into your routine.

Focus on how good you feel after the activity and you’ll feel motivated to do it regularly. Try yoga, hiking, biking, or walking. The best types of activities are social ones. Whether you’re into team sports, or prefer kayaking or rollerblading with a friend, you’re more likely to have fun — and keep at it — if you’re being active with friends.


Spend some time thinking about the things you’re good at, and find ways to do them more. If you’re a maths ace, you might tutor a younger neighbour. If you’re artistic, try a photography or drawing class. Focusing on your strengths will help you keep your stress in perspective and create more enjoyment and happiness.


Notice how fast and shallow your breathing is when you’re in a hurry, when you’re stressed at work or by the children. Lack of effective breathing puts a strain on your body and your brain. Notice when you take 3 slow deep breaths how everything slows slightly. When we breathe properly we become more grounded and are able to make better decisions.

Try it every day, and any time you notice that you’re becoming stressed, nervous or angry.

Maddy at BBetter Coaching x

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