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How to Have Great Relationships

Before we can have great relationships (of all kinds), it's important to understand our relationship with ourself. In most relationships we will treat others similarly to the way we treat ourselves....think about it.

How do you speak to yourself every day?

How do you treat yourself when you've been bad?

What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

What you love about yourself?

What do you dislike about


Do you reward yourself and how?

If you've never thought about these points...a great time to start is now, how about you make a list?

Now once we understand how we feel about ourselves....well usually we need to go about improving that relationship and that will take some time.

Only then will we be able to truly love and approve of ourselves once we do we will attract people with similar emotional intelligence, morals, values and life goals. This equals great relationships at work, home, with family and socially. It takes a bit of work but will literally

change your world!


1. Have a great relationship with YOU.

This means:

- Loving and approving of yourself, including all of your flaws!

- Being able to spend time with yourself

- Feeling complete now, rather than looking for someone (or somewhere) else to complete you

2. Check Your Selection Process

- Make a list of qualities you need in a relationship

- Notice what you aren't being on that list.

- List what you have to be to be a great partner 3. Compare and Contrast - Describe your mate from heaven - Describe your mate from hell

- List your qualities

- Look for someone who has complimentary qualities to you

​So basically all of our relationships mirror the relationship we have with ourself, and the things that bother us about other people are usually things that bother us about ourselves so my advice is look inside first!

For information on relationship related courses feel free to email me at

Maddy x

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