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10 Chill Out Tips

  1. Be realistic about schedules and deadlines. Don’t accept any that you can’t achieve without putting yourself under extreme pressure.

  2. Learn to say ‘no’ occasionally, socially and at work.

  3. Be ok with being alone, it doesn’t mean you will be lonely.

  4. Don’t overbook your days, allow for travel time and a little bit of breathing time.

  5. When planning your day always remember to make sure your own needs are being met.

  6. Guard your leisure and pleasure time and keep it separate from work time.

  7. Remember to praise yourself daily. Focus on your strengths not your weaknesses.

  8. Work on your relationships they give you support and security.

  9. Get plenty of sleep. When you’re tired problems seem greater that they really are.

  10. Keep a sense of humour, it gives you a sense of perspective and keeps you light hearted.

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